Tools to Build a Boat from Plywood

There are not many tools you need to build a boat from plywood.

A Circular Saw

A Circular Saw is needed to cut the panels and transoms

A circular saw is needed to cut the different panels of the boat, the bottom and the stern.

And yes, you can even cut curves with a circular saw if you adjust the saw blade to just to as much is needed to cut through the material.

So if the plywood is 6mm you adjust the blade to come out of the saw plate by 7 or 8 mm.

That enables you to cut curves as needed for the boat.

An ordinary Buck Saw

An buck saw is needed to quickly cut some battens and to maybe build your own clamps (see below).


Self made clamp out of pvc pipeSelf made clamp out of a PVC pipe, perfect for the reeling

Different sorts of clamps are needed to keep the panels and battens in place and together after they are glued with epoxy.

If you have to glue long parts of the boat like the battens for the reeling, you can easily make your own:

Just cut some 10 cm long pieces off a 2" pvc pipe and cut them once lengthwise. This self made clamps are cheap and easy to make and they have enough power to keep the battens of the reeling in place over night until the epoxy has hardened.

A Hammer & some Copper Nails

Although I did not use any nails on my boats, you may find it useful to use some nails to stick some parts together before you finally glue them. It must be copper nails because steal nails will get rusty and cause ugly brown trails on the boat after some time.

A Sander

The boat needs to be sanded and corners to be rounded during the building process. Therefore it's useful to have an electric sander with different grades of sanding disks to stick on.

That's all I could thing about right now. If anything else comes to my mind, I'll add it to this list.