How to make your own clamps

When building the boats, you will need a lot of clamps to keep the parts of the boat together while the epoxy is drying and hardening.

And of course you have to buy a few good ones in a hardware store to tighten some of the parts really strong together.

But when you glue the reeling on the boat, you really need a lot of them also because you have to glue both reeling in the same time to keep the form correct shape of the boat. And if this will be the only boat you build, you will probably never need them again.

Self Made Clamps from PVC PipeSelf Made Clamp from PVC Pipe

So it is a good idea to make some clamps by yourself. It's Cheap and Easy from PVC pipe!

Just cut some 10 cm long pieces off a 2" pvc pipe and cut them once lengthwise. That's it!

This self made clamps are cheap and easy to make and they have enough power to keep the battens of the reeling in place over night until the epoxy has hardened.