How about the seating

A few people ask me how I made the seats for this boat.

This is very straight forward. You'll just have to cut some strong board (>3/4" or 20mm) and place it as you like on top of the frames. The frames will support the benches so that 2 people can sit beside each other.

In addition to the frames we have to put some battens along the sides where the seating boards can rest.

Seating optionsPicture shows the support battens for the benches (seats) and the frames

However, you can build the boat first before you have to think about the seats.

In my version of this boat I put one bench on the front frame, one in the middle and a little wider one in the back for the driver.

If you will always want to ride this boat alone you might have to concider to sit in the middle and put an extension on the toggle of the motor to steer the boat. If you would sit in the back, the bow will rise too much out of the water.