Materials you need to build a "Plywood Boat"

The materials I used to build my two boats are only a few:

The Plywood I used

Plywood is available in sheets of 1220 mm X 2440 mm or 4 by 8 foot. For the side panels I used plywood with a thickness of 6.5mm and 9 or 12 mm for the 3 frames, bottom and the stern.

If you want to use an outboard engine, you could also strenghten the stern.

You may want to use marine plywood but ordinary plywood will do the same job as the whole body will be covered with 2 -3 layers of plain epoxy before the final color painting to make it water proof.

Cable Ties

Cable Ties are used for the Stitch & Glue Method to keep the panels and frames together before you glue them. A length of 15 cm is useful for example to tie the bottom with the side panels.

Epoxy Resin for the fiber mat and as glue

Power Epoxy for boat building

People often ask me what kind of epoxy I used? Well, it must be epoxy for boat building. You must not use the same fiber & epoxy you would use to fix some holes in your rusty car.

The Epoxy Resin must be liquid and needs to be mixed with a certain amount of hardener to become hard and strong after some time. In this case the mixing was 2:1, 2 parts (by volume) of resin and 1 part of hardener.

Fiber Mat

I recommend to use a relatively thin and flexible woven fiber mat.

Marine Epoxy | Filler

Pioneer Marine Epoxy

Marine Epoxy is a sticky paste that is needed to round up the inner sharp corners of the boat. A fiber mat can not go around a sharp corner or edge so you need to fill the corners first.

Since the two different epoxies have to chemically bond you should use the same brand or you can make your own: Just mix some fine sawdust with the liquid epoxy and hardener until you get a stiff paste.