How to make longer panels

As I said earlier, plywood sheets are only 2440mm or 8' long. But what if you need a longer panel, for example for the side panels?

My dive boat and even the simple canoe I built, needed side panels much longer than 2440mm or 8'.

Making a Butt Block

For this I had to merge 2 pieces together using a Butt Block!

The Butt Block on the side panel of my boatA Butt Block keeps the two side panels together

Just stick the two parts together bluntly and stick a piece of plywood or a stripe of fiberglass on top of the seam. Of course, glue everything together with epoxy.

This is how a butt block looks like

Notice the 5 cm or 2" gap between the butt block and the edges of the panel! This is for the seam of fiber mat and epoxy.

Notice the gap betwwen the edges of the panel and the butt block

Let the epoxy dry and harden over night or for at least 12 hrs before you may try to bend the whole panel.

Make sure that the extra piece of plywood is on the inside of the boat.