How much did it cost to build this boat from plywood?

Many people have asked me how much it cost to build the boat out of plywood. Well, it really depends on what country you are in and how much the material, mainly plywood, epoxy and paint, there costs.

I built this boat in the Philippines where the plywood is relatively cheap. The epoxy resin, however, seemed quite expensive. In any case, one can say that it is much cheaper to build such a boat yourself than to buy one.

Prices in the Philippines

  • 2 Sheets of plywood 6.5 mm: 350 PHP each, so 700 Peso (15 US$)
  • 2 Sheets of plywood 9.0 mm: 450 PHP each, so 900 Peso (18 US$)
  • Woven Fiber Mat: about 2 m²: 300 PHP (6 US$)
  • 200 Cable Ties (many, 3.6x20mm): 200 PHP (4 US$)
  • 3 Gallon of Epoxy & Hardener: 2500 PHP each, so 7500 PHP or 155 US$
  • 4 Gallon of Acryllic Paint: 900 PHP each, so 3600 PHO or 75 US$
  • Wooden slats for railing & keel: 2000 PHP or 40 US$

All in all you will end up at about 15,200 PHP or 315 US$ for the raw boat.

Still, you will need some more wood for the benches and/or seats.

I wrote this particular page a few years after I built this boat and I could not remember all the prices. So I took the actual prices for the Paint and Cable Ties from Lazada Philippines. You might have to pay a little more or less at your local hardware store.